Defense. Superpower.

Cost: 1.

Hero Interrupt (defense): When the villain attacks you, the villain and each minion engaged with you get -3 ATK while attacking you this phase. If Blizzard is in play, resolve its "Special" ability.

Patrick McEvoy
Storm #12. Storm #12-13.
Flash Freeze

This is probably the best hero defense card in entire game. Someone said why when there is already Backflip or Shield Block that can negate all incoming damage? Ok, but Storm card can negate all incoming attack! Not only once, but potentially any number. Minus 3 ATK is sometimes enough to take no harm from the villain, and really only a few minion hit for 4. Flash Freeze also had additional value with Blizzard so minion with really bad text box can be nothing more that a small paper card :)

nosiak · 32