Cost: 3.

Hero Action: Make the following 2 attacks in order:

• Deal 3 damage to an enemy.

• Deal 3 damage to an enemy.

Ario Anindito
Wolverine #9. Wolverine #9-10.
Slice and Dice

Ohhh, this is so awesome.

The non-specific targeting is wonderful, and the separate attacks mean that you can gain more damage from bonuses when playing this card. A +1 to damage becomes a +2 when you deal damage twice.

MacGhille · 242
Be careful: Aggressive Energy adds to both attacks, but Warrior Skill only adds to one. — Fry · 235
Why there is no (Attack) just after Hero Action ? Should we consider this card is not an attack action ? For example what happens if Wolverine is stunt ? — GeekMate · 1