Thwart: 2. Attack: 2. Defense: 2.
Health: 10. Hand Size: 5.

Healing Factor - Response: After the player phase begins, heal 2 damage.

Joey Vazquez
Wolverine #1. Wolverine #.


Recover: 6.
Health: 10. Hand Size: 6.

Snikt! - Setup: Search your deck and discard pile for the Wolverine's Claws upgrade and put it into play.

Joey Vazquez
Wolverine #1. Wolverine #.

Just some new information regarding Wolverine and his claws. Permanent rule change: At step 1 of setup, set aside permanent cards.

Errata; Logan now says: Setup: Put Wolverine’s Claws into play.

Reference RRG 1.5

Amarethus · 300

I have seen some people complain about situations where Wolverines claws are in their opening hand.

If you mulligan them before the setup phase, and then they're in your discard pile, and you draw back up.

So just start with them set aside.

Underwood · 85
You cannot start with them set aside because it against the rules. And you can draw them after you Mulligan so you won't be able to find them. — SCMan · 1
It’s a coop game. Do as you like. — Stricken314 · 1
Do what like is great as an OpEd, but does not make for a functional review. — chearns · 1