Cost: 0.

Attach to a minion. Max 1 per minion.

Interrupt: When a character makes a basic attack against attached minion, that character uses their THW instead of their ATK.

Cyclops #33.

In perfect world you'd never want to use this card because thwart is more valuable than damage. In perfect world you'd scoff at using your precious THW value to deal damage while also having to had played this card.

But this is not the perfect world. This card makes your Jessica Jones ally extremely happy in side scheme-heavy scenarios. It brings even more versatility to Snowguard. It lets your Phoenix hero deal neat damage to a minion while staying in restrained form. It's almost tragic how versatile this card is while being actually very niche, as you need both a minion and this card in play and it only works against that specific minion.

Alatreon · 50
Could have some niche use for squeezing a little extra value out of specific allies like Patriot or yellow Wasp. But yeah, the main use is giving Restrained Phoenix a reasonable answer to minions. — Fry · 215
It also combos well with Marvel Girl, letting her attack using her bigger thwart AND also remove some threat. — Alatreon · 50