Cost: 1.

Hero Interrupt: When you use your "Optic Blast" ability, exhaust Cyclops → this attack deals 8 additional damage and gains overkill.

Cyclops #8. Cyclops #10.
Full Blast

Full Blast is a very powerful and very awkward card. You can range from:

  • Drawing into this while a (non-temporary) Tactic Upgrade is already on a target you want to hit, while you have your Ruby Quartz Visor out, and all you need to do is pay the cost of Full Blast to demolish something, to
  • Needing to draw a playable Tactic and Full Blast in the same turn, and pay for Optic Blast, consuming your entire hand and exhausting Cyclops.

There are just so many little things that need to line up for this card to work, and it's not all that frequently that you'll find that the stars align to use this card exactly the way you want to, exactly when you want to. Giving up a Basic power use on top of paying the resource cost is pretty significant, too, and not something that usually factors into using Optic Blast. That said, using it slightly suboptimally can still be really powerful! Blasting a target for 11 damage with Piercing, Ranged, and Overkill in one go is massive (especially outside of Aggression!), and when it does work out, this card can let you obliterate threats to you and your team.

Cyclops has only a single copy of this card, which is good; it won't frequently gum up your hand, and it feels really special when it does work out. It's a very fun card that can still be impactful, even if you can't rely on it all the time. It's not the card you'll build your deck around, but it's a solid card in his kit that creates memorable moments.

Leethus · 10