Cost: 1.

You take the first turn during the player phase. (When your turn is done, play proceeds in player order, starting with the first player. You do not take another turn.)

Each Cyclops upgrade attached to a minion loses the temporary keyword.

Cyclops #4. Cyclops #3.
Field Commander

I love this card. Even more, I love the concept it introduces, that one player can be the permanent 1st player. There are so many Aggression builds I have played that get hamstrung by not getting to dish out minion damage from the jump. There's also a comforting quality to knowing a specific player will always make some first moves, not to mention giving Justice players more opportunity to soak up those 'remove the last threat' bonuses.

Even more, this card seals the fates for minions by making those debilitating upgrades stick around through every player's turn. My only complaint is that it doesn't make it possible to keep 'downgrades' on the villain. Then it would be a perfect card.

MacGhille · 246
I agree with most of what you said, but I think it would have been cool if they made it a different card that kept them on the villian. — SpiderHamVenomNovaQuicksilver · 2