Main Scheme. Stage 1

Forced Interrupt: When Loki is defeated, advance to a random set-aside Loki villain. If the number of Lokis in the victory display is equal to the victory condition, the players win the game. (See rule insert.) If this tage is completed, the players loose the game.

Main Scheme. Stage 1
Starting Threat: 1. Escalation Threat: 1.
Threat: 12.

Contents: Loki, infinity Gauntlet, and standard encounter sets. Two modular encounter sets. (Enchantress and Frost Giants).

Setup: Set each copy of the Loki villain aside, out of play. Put the War in asgard side scheme into play. Shuffle the encounter deck. Reveal 1 set-aside Loki villain at random. Reveal the top card of the infinity stone deck.

The Mad Titan's Shadow #165. Loki #6.
All Hail King Loki

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