Cost: 3.

Reduce the cost to play this card by 1 for each vengeance counter on Draw.

Hero Interrupt: When you make a basic attack, you get +5 ATK for that attack. That attack gains overkill and piercing.

Rodrigo Catraca
Drax #5. Drax #6-7.
Knife Leap

Insanely great card once you get some vengeance counters down on Drax (at least 2 is prefferable as a minimum). Literally, this card is going through minions like a hot knife through butter even with tough status: Tiger Shark, Ultimate Bio-servants, and The Sleeper (to name a few) and dealing damage to the villain! Wish Hulk Smash was like this! Not to mention, at 0 cost for up to 10 damage to the a tough villain with his knife is insane. Ronan is going to hurt! Good luck Kang! Drax the Destroyer is on a mission!

DoxaLogos · 143