Main Scheme. Stage 1

Contents: Zola (I) and Zola (II). Zola and Standard encounter sets. One modular encounter set (Under Attack)

Setup: Search the encounter deck for Hydra Prison and reveal it. Each player searches the encounter deck for a copy of Ultimate Bio-Servant and puts it into play engaged with them. Shuffle the encounter deck.

The Island of Dr. Zola
Main Scheme. Stage 1
Starting Threat: 0. Escalation Threat: 1.
Threat: 6.

Forced Response: After resolving step one of the villain phase, place 1 test counter here. Then, if there are 3 or more test counters here, discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until a minion is discarded. Put that minion into play engaged with the first player and remove 3 test counters from this scheme.

Christopher Jones
The Rise of Red Skull #112. Zola #4.
The Island of Dr. Zola

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