Main Scheme. Stage 1
The attack on the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility has been linked to an underground weapons network.

Contents: Klaw (I) and Klaw (II). (Klaw (II) and Klaw (III) instead for expert mode.) Klaw and Standard encounter sets. One modular encounter set (recommended: Masters of Evil)

Setup: Search the encounter deck for the Defense Network side scheme and reveal it. Shuffle the encounter deck. Advance to stage 1B.

Underground Distribution
Main Scheme. Stage 1
Starting Threat: 0. Escalation Threat: 1.
Threat: 6.
Your investigation reveals that the criminal enterprise is operated by Klaw, an old rival of the Avengers!

When Revealed: Discard cards from the encounter deck until a minion is discarded. Put that minion into play engaged with the first player.

Core Set #116. Klaw #4.
Underground Distribution

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