Give to the Wanda Maximoff player.

You may flip to alter-ego form. Choose:

- Exhaust Wanda Maximoff → remove Slipping Sanity from the game.

- Discard the top 5 cards of the encounter deck. For each star icon() in the boost area discarded this way, place 1 threat on the main scheme. Discard this obligation.

Miguel Sepulveda
Scarlet Witch #23. Scarlet Witch #-1.
Slipping Sanity

Amazingly good obligation. Never remove it from the game - the threat added is negligible on most villains and generic encounter cards are way more dangerous on newer villains. The boost icons will often work in your favor as they generate a status effect for Hexbolt. Drawing it as a boost on villian activation is the only time its bad for you, but luckily SW can redraw.

azmodael · 3
I might totally be missing something but how does it help hex bolt? Hex Bolt is a hero action, not a hero response/interrupt. You cant chain one onto the other, gotta resolve them separately. Having said that, it does seem fairly mild. — Fates · 2