Decked Halls 2022: Day 4 - Pump It Up Redo

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KennedyHawk · 16084

This is the deck 4 of 12 for the 2022 MCM Decked Halls tradition. This year Kennedy is building 12 decks with one collection so you can build these decks and just enjoy some games with family and friends instead of stressing over deck builds this Holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Premise: Let's revisit a Decked Halls classic from 2019 - the Captain America Stat Pumping Leadership deck. How much has the card pool changed this archetype. You can check out the original in the Derived from section on this deck (to the bottom left).

Recommended Heroes:

Captain Amerika Quicksilver Hulk? Iron Man? Dr. Strange


  • Your 2 card combo is Morale Boost and Go All Out with your shield down you can swing for 10, re-ready and swing for 3 more. That's enough to take down MaGog (A) in solo and punch a little bit on his next respawn.

  • The cost curve here is super lean with 25 cards costing 0-1 resources (some of those could cost more like Shield Toss and Ant-Man (Ally). It lets us squeek by without basic resources. The Power of Leadership helps us trigger Go All Out's requirement.

  • You mainly want 4 allies to sit on the board for Strength In Numbers but ocassiaonlly they will have to thwart. Innovation helps keep them able any typically targets Ant-Man or Agent 13 for the 2 THW.

  • We've changed the cardpool a lot in the past 3 years! The image below shows the cost curve change by adjusting the deck with modern cards (and deck building). It's super fun to revisit old classic decks and see what they have become!



Dec 06, 2022 Marctimmins89 · 255

No basic resources!?! Not even Energy? Outrageous.

Dec 07, 2022 wojciech · 7

Wow! Very interesting deck!

Dec 08, 2022 guyito_ · 1

I love this deck. I think this with spider woman but using repurpose could be a huge combo. Mainly thinking throwing away a forcefield generator for a ready and a go all out.